Let the Games begin...

May the odds be ever in your favor

30 days of Sailor Moon - Day 11 and 12
Day 11 – least favorite villian

Anne and Ale

Day 12 – favorite Metamorphosis in Sailor Moon Super S

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon =D

new bracelets
2 new bracelets =D
I made the peacock blue/silver one a while ago
the red/silver one I made yesterday at night =D

USED: 4,4 mm Jump Rings
in Silver plated Non Tarnishing and Peacock Blue =D
Jump Rings made from 18 gauge Copper Wire

USED: 4mm Jump Rings
in Silver Plated Non Tarnishing and Red
Jump Rings made from 18 gauge Copper Wire

personally I kinda like the red/silver one more...
I did use a different size of rings and they look better when you wear it around your wrist. =D
because they aren't as lose as the other one...
but I think I will make a similar one in a different color soon =D

what do you guys think of it???


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