Let the Games begin...

May the odds be ever in your favor

30 days of skins - Day 21

Day 21 - Your main G1 OTP (one true pairing)

Cassie & Sid

first I wanted to say Michelle and Tony, but somehow I think the relation ship between them is a little fucked.
I mean at first Tony doesn't properly love Michelle, but Michelle loves him and gets played by him all the time.
Then when Michelle finally realises that Tony is cheating on her more than only once and she breaks up Tony realises slowely that he loves her too.
But then he gets hit by a bus and can't remember everything that's happend and he needs time but michelle seem to not have that time... O.ô and fucks with Sid who always loved her.

and yeah... so I decided to pick Cassie and Sid. I mean they are fucked up too. But I think their love is purer and more honest. And i love cassie. =D

Cassie: I'll love you forever, Sid.
Sid:You will?
Cassie: Yes. That's the problem.


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