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May the odds be ever in your favor

30 days of skins - Day 17
Nicholas Hoult
Day 17 - Favourite happy or meaningful scene from G3

At the party.

MINI: Franky, what the hell are you doing here?
FRANKY: I came because you, uh, you invited me.
MINI: Well, now I'm uh-uh-un-inviting you, Cinder-fella, so...leave.
FRANKY: I don't want...to. No, I'm staying. I'm...I'm not going anywhere.
MINI: F-R-E-A-K. Now what does that spell? Let me see, oh, yeah, you. No wonder the girls at your old school went ape shit on your arse. I mean, just, just look at you, standing there like some...
FRANKY: Cuntless dyke-alike no-breed stutter-fucker spako lamo shit-headed wanker magnet Oliver Twist-ed thimble-titted loser-loner fugly bastard?  I think you're great. A billion miles better than this, this bollocks place. And I really feel...that, that we could be mates... fucking awesome mates.
MINI: They're not your mates. They're my mates. We only let you tag along with us for jokes.
FRANKY: That's not true. Is it, Grace? That's not true.
MINI: Speak up, Gracey.
GRACE: Mini, please.
FRANKY: We had laughs, Liv, didn't we?
MINI: Must've been tripping, Frankenstein. Now get the fuck out of my party.
That bad-mouthed lesbo's like shit on my fucking stiletto.
LIV: Seriously, Mins, this isn't Year 11 any more.
MINI: Where the fuck is Grace?


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