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Sailor Moon Quiz
Quiz! It thought this is really kinda fun O.ô and I’m mostly like Sailor Moon xD

Sailor Moon.
[] You cry constantly.
[x] You don’t get very good grades in school.
[x] You’re very wimpy, but you’re brave when you need to be.
[] You wear your hair in pigtails a lot.
[] You have a black cat.
[x] You’ve been dating your boyfriend/girlfriend for a long time.
[x] You can be very immature.
[x] You LOVE to eat.
[x] You’re constantly drooling over attractive people, whether you’re taken or not.
[] You have/had a crush on an employee at a place you frequently visit.
Total: 6

Sailor Mercury.
[] You’re extremely smart.
[] A B on your report card would make you so angry!
[] You have shortish hair.
[] Your hair is an unnatural color.
[] People sometimes pick on you for being “nerdy”.
[] You always study before a big test.
[x] Your grades are very important to you.
[] You attend/used to attend a cram school.
[] You’ve never skipped or been late to class.
[] You’ve never had a boyfriend, nor are you interested in getting one.
Total: 1

Sailor Mars.
[x] You have a flaming temper.
[] You can do just about anything in high heels.
[] You’re very religious.
[x] You’re very close with your pet(s).
[] You work/have worked at a religious place.
[x] You’re close to your grandparents.
[] You have long, black hair.
[] Your favorite color is red.
[] You believe in demons and fortune telling.
[x] Some people think you’re “creepy” and “weird”.
Total: 4

Sailor Jupiter.
[] You love to cook.
[] Everything reminds you of an ex.
[] You’re taller than most of your friends.
[x in natural it is kinda O.ô] Your hair is wavy and brown.
[x] You have a reputation for being tough.
[] Your hair is always in a ponytail.
[] Your favorite flower is roses.
[] You like thunderstorms.
[] Your favorite color is green.
[] You live alone.
Total: 2

Sailor Venus.
[] You’re a hopeless romantic.
[] Most people consider you very good-looking.
[] You have long, blond hair.
[] Your birthday is in October.
[] Your favorite sport is volleyball.
[] You like to sing.
[] You’ve gone on a date with one person while you were seeing someone else.
[x] Your favorite animal is cats.
[x] You’re short.
[] You wear a bow/bows in your hair a lot.
Total: 2

Sailor Uranus.
[] You’re somewhat of a tomboy.
[] You have boy short hair.
[] You’re homosexual.
[x] You’re an Aquarius.
[x] You like racing cars, or watching car races.
[] Your favorite color is gold.
[] Your favorite class is gym.
[] You have a girlfriend.
[] Your favorite food is salads.
[] You’re very mature for your age.
Total: 2

Sailor Neptune.
[] You play/used to play the violin.
[x] You have wavy hair.
[x] Your favorite color is marine blue.
[x] You like the ocean.
[] Your birthday is in March.
[] You’re a Pisces.
[] You’re good at giving advice.
[] You’re not the stereotypical lesbian; you’re very feminine.
[] You want to be a musician when you’re older.
[] You attend a private school.
Total: 3

Sailor Pluto.
[x] You love clocks.
[] You have green hair.
[] You have tan skin.
[] You’re older than most of your friends.
[x] People come to you for advice.
[x] Your dream is to be a designer.
[] Little kids seem to take a liking to you.
[] You enjoy cemeteries.
[x] You like shopping.
[] Your blood type is A.
Total: 4

Sailor Saturn.
[] You like to collect lamps.
[] You have short black hair and bangs.
[] You don’t have a lot of friends.
[] You believe you have special “powers” to heal others.
[x] Your favorite color is purple.
[x] You’re a very quiet person.
[x] You love to read.
[] You want to be a doctor one day.
[] Your birthday is in January.
[] You hate milk.
Total: 3


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